Improve patient care & clinical experience with #1 Unified Virtual Care Platform

HealthArc enables comprehensive virtual healthcare with industry leading remote patient monitoring platform, medical devices, and intelligent clinical software for chronic patient care.

Better Patient Adherence. Better Health Outcomes.

Our clinically advanced and integrated monitoring software and dashboard ensure patients and care teams stay connected, anytime, anywhere. We leverage our RPM platform to make timely interventions and optimize clinical workflows with a goal of improving outcomes, boosting engagement, and lowering costs.


Singular Device Portal

  • Singular integration to growing library of 40+ medical devices across each disease type

  • Unifying data for cellular, Bluetooth and wearable devices across brands like HealthArc, Roche, Abbott, Dexcom, Nonin, A&D, Apple, and more

  • Cellular enabled for effortless patient activation out of the box

  • Device management software for ordering, shipping, onboarding, and inventory management

Unified Care Platform

  • Workflow software with AI-powered clinical pathways for each disease type configurable with provider feedback

  • Automation for clinical teams to intelligently focus on most at-risk, or non-compliant patients that need communication

  • AI-driven communication across SMS, and escalation to phone calls with intelligent data

  • Billing documentation automation across Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic care Management (CCM), Principal Care Management (PCM), Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), Transitional Care Management (TCM) codes
Unified Care Platform
Specialized Clinical Support
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Specialized Clinical Support

  • Drive patient success with pod-based teams of enrollment specialists, RNs, LPNs, and medical assistants

  • Intelligent multi-channel patient campaigns to promote adoption (SMS, mail, email, phone, in office collateral, etc.)

  • Enabling providers to scale flexibly and meet demand without internal overhead or distraction

HealthArc empowers you to navigate the dynamic world of Healthcare management with unparalleled precision.


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Leading Remote Patient Monitoring Company For Providers, Payers & Employers

HeathArc’s digital health platform integrates seamlessly with healthcare institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, elderly care facilities, and primary care practices to provide the right clinical support, cellular medical devices, electronic health record (EHR) compatibility, and connection required to launch a successful RPM program.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Our patient monitoring software delivers critical virtual monitoring between in-person visits, generating a significant revenue stream that boosts your workflow and engagement.


Chronic Care Management

HealthArc’s digital health platform integrates smoothly into your existing process, increasing patient engagement and documenting patient interaction time with easy claim submission.


Transitional Care Management

Our transitional care management provides support to patients as they transition from different stages of care, promoting seamless transitions, enhancing results and minimizing complications.


Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

We offer improved at-home support for patients with musculoskeletal, respiratory, and cognitive behavioral needs by providing virtual assistance and remote care between clinic visits.


Principal Care Management

Our integrated approach to principal care management enables providers to deliver care to patients suffering from single chronic condition by enhancing the quality metrics of their healthcare.


Behavioral Health Integration

HealthArc combines a digital behavioral health assessment with an advanced analytics engine to identify behavioral health issues, assign risk scores, and generate real-time alerts.

Helping Healthcare Providers Maximize Their Revenue & Reimbursements

Virtual Care Delivery Companies

Virtual Care Delivery Companies

Our services and platform are a perfect fit for businesses delivering virtual care, right from the small to large scale regional care providers. Get ready to boost patient engagement and outcomes with HealthArc’s digital health platform.

Medium to Large Healthcare Providers

We very well understand the role a remote patient monitoring software plays in helping healthcare providers with large chronic disease patient base manage their patients and their treatment plans. Give us a call to find out how HealthArc can help you.

Virtual Care Delivery Companies
Join Our Clientele

Join Our Clientele Of Health Organizations Using HealthArc

We’ve been transforming healthcare efficiency and outcomes with our powerful digital health solutions designed to meet your present and future goals. Our clients include:

  • Top Provider of Healthcare Services in USA
  • Premier Medical Clinic in New York
  • Top Ranked Retinal Specialists Nationwide
  • Leading Managed Healthcare Service Provider in the USA
  • Top Tier Neurologists in Texas

Our Remote Health Monitoring Devices

Our industry leading cellular connected patient monitoring devices are designed to integrate on a remote health monitoring platform and allow healthcare professionals to monitor vital signs with precision.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitors

Remote Patient Monitoring

Weight Scale

Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring

Pulse Oximeter

Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medication Adherence

Ready to boost patient engagement & outcomes?

Take advantage of HealthArc’s data-driven decision making ability with our advanced Remote Patient Monitoring dashboard today. Get ready to empower your healthcare organization towards growth!


What Our Clients Say?

“HealthArc’s prompt customer service to address both technical and procedural issues is commendable. The platform is easy to use and very intuitive. The patients are very happy with the easy transmission and the accuracy of the readings.”

Dr. Ravuri

Texas Care Group

“Have really enjoyed working with HealthArc and think very highly of his product. It’s very easy to use and my patients see an immediate appreciation of having their physician being aware of their blood pressure and pulse. I would highly recommend embarking on a pilot with the HealthArc product. It won’t take long to be convinced of this product’s benefits.”

Dr. Jay

California Primary Group

“My overall experience has been great. Customer support is very easy to get in touch with and speak to and everything is going very well. I love that it’s very fast and very user friendly. Speed is a big thing for me as other platforms I have used unfortunately lag and it just hurts my performance during the day.”

Brittany G

Patient Care Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HealthArc platform secure and compliant with privacy regulations?

Our digital health platform prioritizes patient privacy and complies with relevant healthcare data protection regulations. Robust security measures are in place to safeguard patient information, ensuring confidentiality and adherence to privacy standards. In addition, we are also HIPAA and SOC2 compliant.

Does your digital health platform seamlessly integrate with an existing EHR?

We know that the electronic health record is the heart of your health IT infrastructure. Our platform fosters seamless communication with the EHR and is essential for making information accessible to patients and providers alike.

What are common patient data types collected via HealthArc platform?

Providers can use our platform to collect a range of patient health data, including blood pressure, vital signs, weight, heart rate, blood sugar levels, and physical activity.

Does your platform offer 24/7 access to patients and providers?

HealthArc simplifies your workflow with our integrated unified platform, seamlessly incorporating remote patient data for effortless monitoring in conjunction with other remote care programs like Chronic Care Management (CCM), Principal Care Management (PCM), Transitional Care Management (TCM), and more.

Does your health platform offer privacy and data security?

You can rely on HealthArc's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data security including FDA-approved devices, HIPAA compliance and SOC2 certification among others, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. It's part of our dedication to your peace of mind.

How can HealthArc help you?