How does HealthArc work for Group Practices and ACOs

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Easy-to-use devices

No learning curve required from your patients. They can immediately start using the devices. Our HealthArc devices work with and without mobile phones.

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Lower overheads

You can reduce the overheads of your group practice or accountable care organization by eliminating surprises and providing preventive medical care and monitoring to all your patients.

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Accountable engagement

Your patients feel accountable. They adhere to trusted medical procedures. Ensure that chronic patients use devices like blood pressure monitoring, glucometer and measure blood pressure, blood sugar more regularly.

What is the value for Group Practices and ACOs


Automate processes

All the vital data is digitally transferred to your systems and is arranged for different patients whether you have 100 patients or 10,000 patients. Triggers can be defined for individual patients to raise an alarm if medical attention is needed.

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Easy compliance

All the vital data gathered from the HealthArc devices is measured and formatted according to the standard compliances. This ensures that there are no mistakes and you can completely rely on the information for analysis and patient care; even with remote patient care management.

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Through CPT codes, especially RPM, 99453, 99454 & 99457/99458 your investment in the HealthArc devices can be recovered in the very first month and then expand your revenue. You can earn $122 patient per month for RPM codes and CCM, Telemedicine codes are additional revenue source.

What should Group Practices and ACOs know?


Improved trust

With a greater number of patients getting round-the-clock monitoring at their homes, the standard of care improves multifold, generating more trust for your group practice and ACO.


Help distant patients

As long as the devices are connected to a network, you can receive data even from hundreds of miles. Receive vital data from your patients and provide them health advice over video or audio calls. Expand your revenue circle.


Easy to use devices

All HealthArc supported devices such as blood glucose meter, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor and spirometer have a very easy to use design.

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