How does HealthArc work for Independent Practices

Profitable monitoring

Quickly establish profitable programs for your patients and at the same time get positive engagement from them. You can earn $122 patient per month for RPM CPT codes and CCM Codes are additional.  The captivating HealthArc devices encourage your patients to measure their vital signs regularly. The data is digitally transferred to your customized Provider Portal.

Proactive Monitoring

Even people with no signs of illness can start using the devices so that you can provide round-the-clock health monitoring services to them, resulting in additional revenue.

Reduce per capita health costs

Reduce per capita cost through continuous monitoring. Take preventive measures before the condition deteriorates. Eliminate the need to get admitted to hospital or getting emergency treatment.

What's the HealthArc value for Independent Practices?

Less burden on staff

With RPM through HealthArc Platform, regular checkups are done at home. Vital data is automatically transferred to your portal where it is processed through the software. Only in anomaly and critical conditions and alerts your nurses and doctors need to take care of the patients.

Greater success rate

Have healthier, happier patients. Take care of most of the problems before they worsen by constantly getting critical information. The software raises the red flags in case intervention is required. And, coping with chronic care management should go simultaneously.

Reactive to proactive intervention

The patients become more responsible and engaged. Critical health issues are taken care of in advance through constant monitoring of blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight and other vital indicators of deteriorating health.

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Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management programs.


    What should Independent Practices know?

    • Protection during Covid-19

      Your healthcare workers and nurses can avoid contact with the patients unless it is absolutely necessary. Most of the basic tests can be done at home. The data is digitally transferred to your Portal. All the HealthArc devices work independently or in conjunction with the mobile apps for your patients.

    • Tailored packages

      You can offer customized HealthArc care plan to your patients according to their current medical conditions. Chronically ill patients can be monitored through our platform and the devices can be allocated to them according to their individual needs.

    • 100% compliance

      All our HealthArc Platform are HIPAA-compliant and FDA approved medical devices. They are designed in such a manner that patients are encouraged to submit information which is completely accurate and reliable.

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