How does HealthArc work for Payviders?

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Better patient engagement

Proactive patients are easier to keep healthy. You can promptly act when you have the right information with you, avoiding severe situations. Costs of home visits are curtailed with our RPM devices. Patients become responsible for tracking their own health while adhering to compliances.

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Better disease management

You can provide ongoing remote patient monitoring across a wide spectrum of ailments through customized HealthArc packages that are closely tailored to the health conditions of individual patients and members.

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Improved quality of care

With the right and timely information at your hand in the form of relevant patient data, severity of many medical conditions can be mitigated and prompt help can be extended to those who are giving signs of distress, improving their quality of life in the process.

What is the HealthArc value for Payviders?


Tailored patient/member care

HealthArc provides tailored solutions for individual patients and members to help you reduce the overheads and improve the overall efficiency of your system. Devices are recommended as per the health conditions and symptoms of your patients and members.

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Seamless scalability

The HealthArc packages can be easily scaled according to the changing conditions of your patients and members. Since every patient and member has his or her own dedicated record, it is very easy to implement the new parameters for vital signs and change the devices accordingly

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Aware patients and members

When patients and members take their vital signs using our easy and elderly friendly mobile app, they actively begin to take care of their own health, bringing your overall health care costs significantly down.

What should Payviders know?


Faster ROI

After a while, the HealthArc devices begin to pay for themselves. The amount of money that is saved by avoiding several emergencies, visits to the doctor, medication and health checkups far outweighs the investment in the HealthArc platform.


Easy to use

All our HealthArc devices and mobile app is very easy to use. We can cater to both technical and non-technical patients and members and our our audio and video capability and devices doesn’t even need a mobile app.



All our HealthArc devices are FDA compliant. They adhere to the strict security and privacy guidelines recommended by the HIPPA. Consequently, you get the most reliable data on your patients and members. Whenever there is a clinical intervention, you know that you are acting upon accurate information.

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