How does HealthArc work for Hospitals and Health Systems?

Patient-centric programs

The HealthArc Platform helps you establish support components of patient-centered care models in which monitoring systems can be tailored according to the health condition of individual patients.

Patient accountability

Patients of your hospital or health system learn to take charge of their own health by proactively monitoring vital signs and taking timely action. Also, chronic care management provide a clear picture that helps best accountability and assessment.

Digitization benefits

The data from the devices is remotely transferred to your systems in digital format and hence, it is ready for analysis and monitoring. No need for manual entry of data.

What is HealthArc value for Hospitals and Health Systems?

Patient loyalty

Greater satisfaction for patients means greater patient loyalty as they feel well taken care of and enjoy prompt response from the hospital because the health-care workers already have the vital data with them.

Free up health systems

With most of the patients being monitored at home and their health being taken care of based on reliable data, there is reduced burden on your health systems that can then be used for more pressing needs, improving the overall efficiency and deliverability of your hospital or health system.

Better chronic condition management

Since routine monitoring is vital for chronic condition care management, through RPM, facilitated by HealthArc supported devices, a major part of the care (checkups) is taken care of without human intervention but at the same time, with greater efficiency.

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Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management programs.


    What should Hospitals and Health Systems know?

    • Multiple revenue streams

      Patients can sign up for ongoing monitoring programs through the HealthArc Platform initiated by their physician. This can open new revenue streams for your hospital or health system.

    • Greater compliance

      All HealthArc Platform collect patient data according to compliance needs through inbuilt templates and individual patient needs. All our devices are FDA approved and our Provider Portal is HIPAA complaint.

    • Fewer visits to hospitals

      During Covid-19 patients can avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital and can speak with his physician through video meets that are integrated without or within the mobile app that comes with the HealthArc.

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