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Medical services and facilities play an imperative role in nation building and providing a happy, prosperous and progressive life to the people of the society. With the broadening band of challenges in the health forum, scientists, doctors and other health practitioners are struggling to meet and overcome various threats that endanger lives of millions across the world. In such a situation when the medical facilities even in some of the most developed countries are on the verge of dilapidation, technology has emerged with a solution to save the day. The remote patient monitoring systems are the new software driven platforms that can be used to keep a remote vigil on any suffering patient.

HealthArch strives for complete medical solutions

HealthArc through its software driven tele-health platform is striving to provide an effective RPM platform that can be used to create clear and complete interaction between the patients, their families and the doctors. Our devices are FDA approved and will include both cellular and wireless devices. These devices will facilitate online chats, video calls and voice calls. These platforms can also be used to carry out effective tests and monitoring like the levels of oxygen, blood sugar, temperature, blood pressure, etc. All these reports can be recorded ad can be sent across to the doctors digitally. Such remote monitoring patient device will enable your doctors to prescribe you all the required medicines.

Effective Chronic Care Management

Chronically ailing people are the ones who feel the most helpless in the absence of proper medical support. These are the people who constantly need medical care and support in their daily lives. People suffering from COPD are a perfect example of patients who needs chronic care. The remotely patient monitoring system can be rather helpful in this context. These simple yet highly effective software driven platforms can be used to record all the vital stats of the health condition of the patient and all of this detail can be easily sent over to doctor. This is how these chronically ill patients are never too far away from medical help. They no longer need to avail the expensive services of the hospitals or maintain round the clock nursing facilities. These remote patient monitoring systems not only proves to be effective but makes CCM far more affordable.

Simplicity of use

Installing and integrating these systems in any smart device is a fast and easy task. Operating the apps or the platforms happens to be all the simpler. Now anyone can make use of these apps or platforms and can seek the help and advice of doctors. Both the patients and their families can use these apps or platforms easily to record the vital conditions of the patient, send them to the doctors and then consult the doctor for his advice. Now there is no need to take the ailing to the doctors or their chambers. All of the consultation, medicine prescription and other elements of treatment can be advised over these communicative channels. This means that now whether you are on a vacation or whether your doctor is out of town, there is no reason to worry in cases some health issue crops out of the blue.

Effective in pandemic

The year 2020 has brought in its wake a new global health threat – COVID 19. The new Novel Corona Virus has threatened the welfare of millions across the world. This is a raging fire that has taken the entire world in its flames. In this condition most governments across the world are advising their population to stay indoors in the safety of their homes, so that the threat of fresh infections can be curtailed. Moving out of house is being avoided unless absolutely necessary. People are being advised to stay away from crowded places. Aged people, patients with co morbidity like cardiac problems, diabetes, immune deficiency diseases are being asked to be extra careful. In this situation visiting a doctor in case of any health issue comes with its own potential percentage of risk. In this situation the remote patient monitoring diagnose system is the most effective method that can create an effective communication between the patient and the doctor and yet keep both the parties safe from new Covid 19 infections. 

Welfare and medical support just got more dynamic

The healthcare industry just got a lot more dynamic than it had ever been. Now irrespective of the location you are in or your doctor happens to be in, contacting them is hassle free. This is a technology driven platform which has made the world a much smaller place. Now even the doctors can reach out to a larger band of patients without risking their own safety. Global medical consultations and referencing of cases just became a lot easier, simpler and effective. 

The software driven platform from us at HealthArc can help many others than just the doctors and their patients. They can also enable corporate managements to keep a better monitoring of their employees’ health conditions. Now employees who are facing persistent health issues can use this platform to record their regular health condition and sent them to the corporate doctors for consultation. This remote patient monitoring equipment can prove to be one of the most effective ways of proactive medical treatment. 

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