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Unlocking the power of virtual healthcare. Anytime, Anywhere.

HealthArc enables comprehensive virtual healthcare by combining procurement and management of devices, intelligent clinical software for patient care, and a clinical team specializing in chronic diseases.

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Singular Device Portal

  • Singular integration to growing library of 40+ medical devices across each disease type
  • Unifying data for cellular, bluetooth and wearable devices across brands like HealthArc, Roche, Abbott, Dexcom, Nonin, A&D, Apple, and more
  • Cellular enabled for effortless patient activation out of the box
  • Device management software for ordering, shipping, onboarding, and inventory management
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Unified Care Platform

  • Workflow software with AI-powered clinical pathways for each disease type configurable with provider feedback
  • Automation for clinical teams to intelligently focus on most at-risk, or non-compliant patients that need communication
  • AI-driven communication across SMS, and escalation to phone calls with intelligent data
  • Billing documentation automation across Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic care Management (CCM), Principal Care Management (PCM), Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), Transitional Care Management (TCM) codes
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Specialized Clinical Support

  • Intelligent monitoring and routing of changes in health metrics helps focus clinical team on right patients at the right time
  • Team of RNs and medical assistants trained on HealthArc’s process and software deliver the option for a fully managed solution
  • Expertise across managing a variety of chronic disease types focused on driving better patient outcomes

Who we serve

Care Delivery

Virtual Care Delivery Companies

Businesses delivering virtual care from small to large regional providers.


Medium to Large Providers

Healthcare providers with large chronic disease patient base.

Learn more about HealthArc's platform

Not sure if HealthArc is right for your practice? No problem, we’ll ship you one of our devices to evaluate and set you up on our portal. You can experience it for yourself.

What our clients say?

“HealthArc’s prompt customer service to address both technical and procedural issues is commendable. The platform is easy to use and very intuitive. The patients are very happy with the easy transmission and the accuracy of the readings.”

Dr. Ravuri

Home Care Hospital

“Have really enjoyed working with HealthArc and think very highly of his product. It’s very easy to use and my patients see an immediate appreciation of having their physician being aware of their blood pressure and pulse. I would highly recommend embarking on a pilot with the HealthArc product. It won’t take long to be convinced of this product’s benefits.”

Dr. Jay

Patient Care Coordination

“My overall experience has been great. Customer support is very easy to get in touch with and speak to and everything is going very well. I love that it’s very fast and very user friendly. Speed is a big thing for me as other platforms I have used unfortunately lag and it just hurts my performance during the day.”

Brittany G

Patient Care Coordination

Proven Outcomes


Improvement in diabetes type 2 patient symptoms


Reduction in the admission rates and length of stay


Reduction in readmissions related to heart failure


Blood pressure control


Patient satisfaction


Revenue uptick

How can HealthArc help you?