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Why Choose HealthArc

HealthArc as a company can help many firms to add value, be it large employers with significant medical expenses, payers with footprint to reduce their medical costs, independent and large medical groups to help their existing patients and increase revenue

Efficient Patient Management


HealthArc provides a cloud-based remote patient management solution that can be configured easily to launch within any office workflow setting, making it easy to adopt.

Seamless Health System Integration


Our platform is extremely interoperable and allows sharing of data across different health systems, locations, and teams. We provide a turn-key solution for seamless integration across every major HER globally.

Re-Imbursement Maximization


Our solution enables maximization of Medicare and private insurance reimbursement for remote care management by delivering an intuitive platform requiring low-touch intervention while delivering auditable compliance and billing.

Benefits to the Providers


Tailored Solution with Zero Setup Costs

HealthArc provides monitoring services across a wide spectrum of ailments through customized packages for your patient population. There is no upfront fees or hidden costs to stand-up and run the program.


Seamless Onboarding and Integrations

We provide a white glove setup for patient onboarding, medical practitioner training, ongoing education, and enrollment. Our turn-key EHR integrations for clinical decisions truly differentiates us from the competition.


Rapid Scaling and Best-in-Class Support (24 hours)

We provide rapid scaling by bulk onboarding patients directly from your EHR. Our speed of on-boarding along with 24-hour support is called out by our customers as truly differentiating.

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HealthArc now integrates with Spirometers as well.

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