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Approximately 47 percent of the population in the United States suffers from at least one chronic condition.


Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths in the U.S., killing more than 1.7 million Americans every year

HealthArc’s Integrated Approach to Remote Patient Monitoring

HealthArc is a one-stop solution for Health Providers to support their patients with an easy & efficient Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and enhance patient care.

Remote patient monitoring services provided by HealthArc are processed through a digital system that monitors and collects medical health data from patients and transmits this information online to healthcare professionals for evaluation.

With HealthArc remote patient monitoring services, physicians can now provide more patient care and better observation than ever before. Tracking analytics and other remote patient monitoring solutions let professionals determine what therapy patients are receiving, how they are recovering, and many other aspects of their healthy development.

Remote patient monitoring services from HealthArc assist healthcare providers in improving patient health outcomes, lowering expenses, increasing efficiency, and generating more revenue.

We aim to simplify the remote care process with cellular devices that help patients become compliant, helping providers attain better patient outcomes, lower hospitalizations, and reduce expenses.

The unified offering allows providers to couple RPM with programs like CCM and PCM to generate even better reimbursements.

HealthArc's | Principal Care Management

HealthArc’s integrated approach to Principal Care Management CMS enables providers to deliver principal care management services for patients suffering from single chronic condition by enhancing the quality metrics of their healthcare.

Effective care plan creation with EHR Integration

Create, modify, and update patient-centered care plans with ease. HealthArc connects easily with the market’s top 55 EHRs. Aside from EHRs, HealthArc can interact with any device that supports external APIs, such as Bluetooth or cellular devices.

User friendly interface chronic care management company
Blood pressure monitored remotely - Enhances patient engagement

Clinician-friendly software that supports multiple conditions

Our Principal Care Management (PCM) software solution automates workflows to simplify time-consuming tasks, minimizing staff burnout. HealthArc is designed to enhance health standards and help you meet the needs of patients holistically with robust mechanisms to analyze respiratory system status, musculoskeletal system status, and therapy adherence.

Enhances Clinical Decision Support

HealthArc has a dedicated Security & Compliance team to guarantee that privacy is built into our people, systems, and third-party relationships. All of our components, including the patient engagement module, are HIPAA compliant, including SMS and in-app messaging.

Concurrent Billing with Other Services - RPM and RTM

The HealthArc platform enables providers to deliver Principal Care Management services (PCM) along with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) at the same time. PCM can be invoiced at the same time as remote patient monitoring as long as the monitored time is not billed twice.

Associated CPT Codes by CMS Principal Care Management 2022
These codes provide hours of care for patients with chronic conditions.

CPT Code 99424

The first 30 minutes of a Principal Care Management service per calendar month provided by a physician or qualified healthcare professional.

Average payment - $97

CPT Code 99425

To capture each additional 30 minutes of service in addition to 99424, CPT code 99425 would be reported.

Average payment - $71

CPT Code 99426

This covers the first 30 minutes of PCM clinical staff time, as carried out by clinical staff (such as nursing professionals) under the direction and guidance of a physician or QHCP.

Average payment - $74

CPT Code 99427

It involves additional 30 minutes of PCM clinical staff time, as carried out by clinical staff (such as nursing
professionals) under the direction and guidance of a physician or QHCP.

Average payment - $57

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