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Our clinical expertise provides greater access to a wide range of physical and mental healthcare services, empowering clinicians to accelerate better health decisions that lead to a higher quality of care.

Enable virtual care for clinicians

From on-demand urgent care to support for chronic and complex health challenges, we’re changing the way Clinicians and Patients access healthcare. That includes creating data-driven, personalized experiences that flex to an individual’s healthcare needs over time.

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Empower healthier lives

Our connected devices and personalized, timely, actionable outreach help patients achieve lasting behavior change—from improving how they manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, to enhancing their wellness and prevention efforts.

Care Coordination

Bringing it all together

By working with patients and clinicians across the healthcare ecosystem, we’re creating an easy, accessible, in-person and/or virtual-first experience at multiple touchpoints and delivering better outcomes.

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HealthArc’s Approach to Care Coordination


We educate, inform, and support clinicians to make decisions. We become part of the medical group or practice’s team to strengthen the patient healthcare.

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We listen to and observe each patient to determine chronic condition progression/regression over time, and help them with whatever support is needed.

Care Coordination

We monitor the patients for the clinicians and prepare a care plan for all the patients to safeguard their health

Care Coordination

We connect with the patients to understand how they feel and what can be done to support their health better. These plans are tailored to each patient’s wants and needs and are adhered to keeping the clinician in loop, always.

Care Coordination

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