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Approximately 94% of patients reported happiness and satisfaction with their post-discharge engagement and care.


Through an efficient TCM program, it is estimated to prevent about 76 percent of the readmissions.

HealthArc's | Transitional Care Management

Enable physician groups to ensure patients receive the care they need immediately after a discharge from a hospital or other health care facility and generate additional revenue through our easy billing reports.

Clinician-tailored software

Our TCM software solution automates workflows to simplify time-consuming procedures and reduce employee burnout through an easy design.

Comprehensive Healthcare Integration

Coordination of post-discharge patient care, such as diagnostic test review, medication reconciliation, and referrals reduces hospital readmission rates and enhance outcomes by streamlining transitional care.

Transitional Care Utilization

To follow your patient’s therapy and remove care gaps, use a guided assessment. Track TCM services at each level to avert an audit. Use scheduling tools to ensure that service deadlines are always met.

Remote blood pressure monitoring- Support Better Healthcare

Dashboard and Reporting

A completely custom designed analytics dashboard and reporting provides a bird’s-eye view of every available parameter

Associated CPT Codes

CPT Code 99495

It includes:

• Communication within 2 days of discharge
• At least moderate medical decision making
• Face-to-face visit, within 14 calendar days of discharge

Average payment - $167

CPT Code 99496

It includes:

• Communication within 2 days of discharge
• High complexity medical decision making
• Face-to-face visit within 7 calendar days of discharge

Average payment - $236

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