HealthArc Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Blood Pressure Monitor

Remote Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff

Cellular-Connected Hypertension Monitoring


Remote Blood Glucose Meter

Cellular-Connected Diabetes Monitoring

Weight Scale

Remote Weight Measuring

Cellular-Connected Weight Monitoring



Cellular-Connected Thermometer

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter - remote patient monitoring

Cellular-Connected Pulse Oximeter

How HealthArc Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Work

Get started in minutes, not days

Step 1

HealthArc sends modern, cellular-connected devices to your patients, and manages all training, adherence, and support

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices
Step 2

Clinicians can see their patients’ daily vitals and get alerted to any important trends

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices
Step 3

HealthArc Digital Health software automatically checks on the active days for each patient and updates in the provider dashboard and generates its report

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Benefits of using our Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

No Apps, No Pairing, No Synching, No Uploading Data

CCM easy & effective billing

Improve Clinical Efficiency

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Data you can rely on–4G Devices with 2G Fallback option


Save on your Upfront Costs–Own your devices from day one; Pay for them monthly

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HealthArc now integrates with Spirometers as well.

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