Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Chronic care management, or CCM, means providing medical monitoring and care to people having a long-term illness. These may include high-risk category patients as well as those patients who have recently been discharged.

How CCM works

One of the most important aspects of providing CCM is obtaining regular health records. Doctors and healthcare providers can receive these records without having the patients visit them. The records may include blood pressure, blood glucose levels, weight, or oxygen saturation levels. Advanced technology such as the HealthArc can make it easier for doctors and healthcare providers to keep a close watch on vitals of the patients, and suggest remedial or precautionary measures accordingly, which is mostly remotely. Medical devices such as glucometers, pulse oximeters, and blood pressure monitors can be used to electronically gather data and provide better care to long-term patients.

HealthArc is a one-stop solution for Health Providers

Benefits of CCM for Patients and Practices

  • CCM with the help of platform like HealthArc can easily enable doctors to observe the developing conditions in advance and take preventive measures in time, slowing down the condition, or bring it under control.
  • Our product provides a better quality of life for the patients. The observation of the vitals in advance makes precautionary medication and treatment possible.
  • Through technology, doctors can enforce compliance and motivate patients to take care of themselves.
  • Better adherence to the treatment via manual and automatic reminders.
  • Reduce stays at the healthcare center and promote independent living.
  • Consistent monitoring of patient’s health, regardless of the location
  •  No information overload – variances set by providers for alerts

How does HealthArc differ from others?

  • You can monitor your CCM patients even when you cannot be physically present with them. Get data on a regular basis so that you can provide the maximum comfort and care based on reliable observations.
  • Custom CCM plans with our HealthArc system that enable you to recommend the most appropriate care plan for your patients, creating a sustainable revenue stream.
  • Billing statements for eligible patients to bill against the right CPT code

Care for the chronically ill can get tough. Just as daily monitoring of all the vital stats is required, careful and skilled handling of these patients happens to be just as important. It is seriously imperative that they are kept under a regular observation and advice of their doctors and that medical help is never too far away when needed. In short CCM or chronic care management can turn out to be a challenging practice – both for the family of the ailing and the doctors looking after the patient.

Trust HealthArc

At HealthArc, we understand that although ideally the patients must be kept under the guidance of Doctors, Trained Nurses, and Certified Medical Assistants all around the day, practically can be an unfeasible option. Further, it is always not possible for every family to afford professional services for a lifetime. This is where Chronic Care Management services are needed. Bearing the necessities of the domain in mind, we bring you some of the simplest yet most effective software-driven platforms that can be used for these CCM patients.

Complete care

With our devices, CCM patients like the ones suffering from chronic illnesses can monitor their health conditions like blood sugar level, oxygen level, blood pressure readings, weight fluctuations, etc electronically. Their vitals can be monitored by trained/certified medical professionals instantly. Even management who’s keen on taking care of their employees’ health can use these websites or digitized platforms to keep complete track of the health conditions of their workforce.

Be proactive

It has been seen that prevention often works better for patients who suffer from chronic medical conditions. It is always better to prevent the advent of a symptom than to manage it after emergence. HealthArc with its remote monitoring can help you to keep a stern vigilance on the condition of the ailing and report fluctuations at the very initiation point. Treatment can be proactive and better in this context and can come as a huge help for the patient and their families.

Cost Effective

Several families and individuals making use of these services have opined that they have helped to curb down the medical cost for treating the chronically ill. These platforms acts as one of the best CCM techniques, which reduces the cost of frequent hospitalization, diagnostic checks, maintenance of nursing and caring staff at home, etc. These services help the ailing and their families to coordinate with their doctors better and move ahead in life with greater confidence.

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