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Creating A Successful Remote Care Program Together

With HealthArc, you can avail of instant implementation. You can be running in minutes and have devices for your patients in days. All of this can get started with a short 30-minute consultation. As part of the consultation, you will learn:

  1. About different digital health programs like RPM, CCM, PCM,
    TCM, RTM and their reimbursement codes
  2. Ways to qualify patients for the most relevant program(s)
  3. About our easy-to-use cellular devices and how they are
    superior to our counterparts
  4. Ways to maximize reimbursements (up to $200k annually for
    a 100 patient practice) yet manage to keep your operational
    efficiency intact
  5. Seamless integration of our software with your EHR
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HealthArc now integrates with Spirometers as well.

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