Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) offers improved at-home support for individuals with musculoskeletal, respiratory, and cognitive behavioral needs. It enhances engagement in their treatment plan and provides virtual assistance between clinic visits.


What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring?

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) tracks non physiological data for patients to monitor their health conditions, related to musculoskeletal, respiratory, and cognitive behavioral therapy, including medication and therapy adherence.

“Our primary goal is to provide better healthcare for every patient on time."

What Constitutes Remote Therapeutic Monitoring?

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In the musculoskeletal context, RTM pertains to the rehabilitation or physical therapy of patients to manage their conditions. Key parameters for tracking include pain management, therapy adherence, fatigue, and strength. Patient self-reported data is commonly used to monitor these factors.



In respiratory contexts, RTM is specific to respiratory conditions and involves tools such as spirometers and inhalers. Monitoring includes aspects like sleep and adherence to prescribed treatments. Sensors for medication adherence and patients' self-reported data are typically used for tracking.



In cognitive contexts, RTM focuses on tracking patients' mental well-being, particularly concerning anxiety, depression, and related factors. Medication adherence sensors and patients' self-reported data play a role in monitoring these aspects

Benefits of HealthArc’ s RTM


Enhanced Home Support

Elevate patient care by providing continuous support at home between in-person clinic visits.


Enhanced Communication

Strengthen your connection with patients through seamless communication between scheduled appointments.

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Zero Upfront Costs

Initiate your RTM journey effortlessly with HealthArc, with no initial charges or hidden fees.


Enhanced Patient Adherence

Boost adherence to at-home care plans with our cutting-edge remote assessments and medication adherence programs, ensuring optimal patient engagement.


Outcome Tracking

Efficiently collect patient-reported outcome measures to closely monitor and celebrate your patients' progress.


Financial Performance

Unlock the potential for enhanced financial performance for your practice with HealthArc's comprehensive Remote Therapeutic Monitoring solutions.

HealthArc's Integrated Approach to Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

HealthArc has a unified Platform to cater RTM needs with or without devices/cellular sensors. We also have SMS, Web and Mobile App based communication with patients to capture the medication or therapy adherence related activities.  RTM can also be combined with Chronic Care Management (CCM) or Principal Care Management(PCM) using HealthArc’s unified platform offering a comprehensive treatment plan.  Our system is designed to enhance patient outcomes, drive operational efficiency, and reduce costs for healthcare providers.


Key benefits of HealthArc's Remote Therapeutic Monitoring services

Unified Platform with 24/7 Access

At HealthArc, we simplify your workflow with our integrated unified platform, seamlessly incorporating remote patient data for effortless monitoring in conjunction with other programs like CCM, PCM, RPM, TCM, and more. With us, you can count on continuous monitoring, granting healthcare professionals real-time access to patient data around the clock.​

Care Automation

Experience elevated care delivery as we automate processes, optimizing efficiency and customizing care to meet individual patient needs. The web platform crafted by HealthArc enables care coordinators and physicians to respond to real-time patient vital alerts. Additionally, it provides the capability to connect with patients through SMS, audio, video, and facilitates the management of patient outcomes.

EHR Integration

At HealthArc, we seamlessly integrate remote patient data into your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system using both HL7 and FHIR based integrations, fostering a unified and comprehensive view of patient health.

Comprehensive Care Plans for RTM and CCM/PCM

Our RTM can be combined with CCM or PCM programs comprising a three-step process. First, you can track medication and therapy adherence using our cellular-hub-based sensors, which can be placed on top of pill bottles/dispensers, inhalers and more. The second approach involves our mobile application, functioning as Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), to track patients' self-reported data. Lastly, the care coordinators can track data via our web platform to create RTM goals and CCM/PCM care plans for better patient outcomes. You also have an ability to send assessments such as PHQ-2, PHQ-9, GAD etc, to capture additional patient information.

Flexible Models

Choose a model that suits you best at HealthArc – whether it's our SaaS-based option for staff training or our full-service model with monitoring by certified clinical staff. Make superior clinical decisions backed by accurate patient data, enhancing overall care quality.​​

High Standards of Privacy and Data Security

You can rely on HealthArc's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data security including FDA-approved devices, HIPAA compliance and SOC2 certification among others, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. It's part of our dedication to your peace of mind.​

Connected Devices

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SaMD (Software as a Medical Device)

The patients can download HealthArc's app from the App Store and Play Store to provide self-reported data such as their pain, fatigue, sleep, etc. This Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is designed to remotely monitor, analyze, or support the treatment of patients.


Medication Adherence Sensors

The medication adherence sensors can monitor patients' medications. These cellular-enabled sensors can track whether patients have taken their medications on time and also assess whether they have taken the correct ones. This helps you evaluate the 16 readings in the meantime to establish a reimbursable model.

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New Opportunities for RTM in 2024

CMS rules for its new RTM codes 2024 with HealthArc

Our RTM platform enhances in-clinic care by fostering patient engagement and communication outside the clinic, without adding to the provider’s workload.

Associated CPT Codes by CMS Remote Therapeutic Monitoring?

CPT Code 98975

Remote therapeutic monitoring (e.g., respiratory system status, musculoskeletal system status, therapy adherence, therapy response); initial set-up and patient education on use of equipment.

Average payment - $24

CPT Code 98976

This covers the (respiratory system status, musculoskeletal system status, therapy adherence, therapy response); device(s) supply with scheduled (e.g., daily) recording(s) and/or programmed alerts transmission to monitor respiratory system, each 30 days.

Average payment - $69

CPT Code 98977

Remote therapeutic monitoring (e.g., respiratory system status, musculoskeletal system status, therapy adherence, therapy response); device(s) supply with scheduled (e.g., daily) recording(s) and/or programmed alert(s) transmission to monitor musculoskeletal system, each 30 days.

Average payment - $69

CPT Code 98980

Remote therapeutic monitoring treatment, physician/other qualified health care professional time in a calendar month requiring at least one interactive communication with the patient/caregiver during the calendar month; first 20 minutes.

Average payment - $60

CPT Code 98978

This covers CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), which is used to treat a range of mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety, eating, and substance use disorders. The billing for this code requires patient-reported subjective inputs.

Average payment - Payment will be established at the discretion of each local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and could vary nationally. Practitioners will need to refer to their local MACs for specific coverage.

** – Payments vary with subject to specific locations- Please refer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RTM benefit patients?

RTM offers patients the convenience of monitoring their health from home, reducing the need for frequent clinic visits. It provides early detection of health issues, timely interventions, and improved overall management of chronic conditions.

Does RTM cover all patients?

RTM is specifically designed to patient population with chronic diseases in respiratory, musculoskeletal, and cognitive behavioral therapy. So patients with COPD/Asthma, Pain, Depression/Anxiety etc likely to be covered within RTM. RTM program is approved by Medicare, Medicare advantage and most commercial insurances. Please reach out to our team to know more and ask any specific questions related to your medical group.

Is RTM secure and compliant with privacy regulations?

Yes, our RTM platform prioritizes patient privacy and complies with relevant healthcare data protection regulations. We implement robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of patient health information.

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