US adults experience mental illness each year


Higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease for people with depression.

HealthArc combines a digital behavioral health assessment with an advanced analytics engine to rapidly identify patient behavioral health issues, assign risk scores, and generate alerts which are delivered in real-time at the point of care.

Digital Behavioral Health Assessments

Patients complete the HealthArc web-based assessments with their behavioral health clinician. Once in treatment, progress is measured by regularly administered update assessments. These assessments include PHQ 2-9, GAD7, AUDIT, PTSD, and CSSRS.

Virtual Visits

Engage in safe, secure video sessions with patients in individual and group settings. The provider can access their notes and assessment results while engaging with the patient. Text/Audio based interactions provide an experience as seamless as a face-to-face session.

All-in-one Provider Dashboard with Advanced Analytics

Providers can quickly view summaries of patient caseloads, including current assessment scores compared to intake scores and any triggered critical alerts. The dashboard gives analysis on Behavioral Health Index (BHI) using patient’s responses to ongoing assessments surface the real-time nature and severity of behavioral health issues.

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