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HealthArc’s remote patient monitoring services empower healthcare providers to remotely monitor vital signs and health trends. This innovative approach enables medical professionals to deliver personalized care and intervene early, all from the convenience of patients’ homes.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) empowers your patients, streamlines your practice, and lets you stay ahead in healthcare.

“Our primary goal is to provide better healthcare for every patient on time."

Key Features

Remote Patient Monitoring

Encouraging Patient Empowerment

With user-friendly connected cellular medical devices like heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs, providers can easily monitor vital health metrics of their patients.​

Remote Patient Monitoring

Comprehensive Care Plans

This real-time data exchange allows practitioners to monitor patients effectively between office visits, gaining a holistic understanding of their health.​

Remote Patient Monitoring

Optimized Reimbursement

Stay financially rewarded for your dedication to patient care. Since 2020, Medicare has increased reimbursement for RPM, offering a substantial revenue opportunity for healthcare providers.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Efficient Patient Care

By remotely gathering vital information, healthcare providers can proactively address issues and tailor care plans, leading to more efficient and personalized patient care.​

HealthArc's Integrated Approach to Remote Patient Monitoring

Our integrated approach is designed to enhance patient outcomes, drive operational efficiency, and reduce costs for healthcare providers.

Unified Platform with 24/7 Access

At HealthArc, we simplify your workflow with our integrated unified platform, seamlessly incorporating remote patient data for effortless monitoring in conjunction with other programs like CCM, PCM, TCM, and more. With us, you can count on continuous monitoring, granting healthcare professionals real-time access to patient data around the clock.​​

Care Automation

Experience elevated care delivery as we automate processes, optimizing efficiency and customizing care to meet individual patient needs. The web platform crafted by HealthArc enables care coordinators and physicians to respond to real-time patient vital alerts. Additionally, it provides the capability to connect with patients through SMS, audio, video, and facilitates the management of patient outcomes.

EHR Integration

At HealthArc, we seamlessly integrate remote patient data into your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system using both HL7 and FHIR based integrations, fostering a unified and comprehensive view of patient health.

Connected Cellular Medical Devices

Tap into the capabilities of connected devices with HealthArc, gathering real-time health data to provide a comprehensive understanding of patient well-being. We seamlessly integrate with Blood Pressure Monitors, Weight Scales, Glucometers, Pulse Oximeter, Spirometer, Thermometers & More...​

Flexible Models

Choose a model that suits you best at HealthArc – whether it's our SaaS-based option for staff training or our full-service model with monitoring by certified clinical staff. Make superior clinical decisions backed by accurate patient data, enhancing overall care quality.​

High Standards of Privacy and Data Security

You can rely on HealthArc's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data security including FDA-approved devices, HIPAA compliance and SOC2 certification among others, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. It's part of our dedication to your peace of mind.​

Connected Devices

Remote Patient Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitors

Remote Patient Monitoring

Weight Scale

Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring

Pulse Oximeter

Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medication Adherence


HealthArc RPM Tailored for Specialties


In Cardiology, our RPM system offers real-time ECG monitoring, blood pressure management, and medication adherence tools for effective remote cardiac care.


In Pulmonary care, features include spirometry readings, continuous oxygen saturation tracking, and symptom reporting, ensuring proactive respiratory care and timely intervention.


For patients with Diabetes, our RPM solution includes glucose monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring, lifestyle tracking, enhancing personalized diabetes management.


In Neurology, our system facilitates remote temperature monitoring, PKG watch monitoring, cognitive function assessment, and medication management, ensuring timely interventions and enhanced neurological care.


Addressing Obesity, our RPM tools cover weight tracking, BMI tracking, dietary compliance monitoring, and behavioral interventions, fostering a holistic approach to obesity management and overall well-being.


In Oncology, our RPM system supports temperature assessment, symptom tracking, and seamless care coordination, elevating the quality of cancer care and patient experience.


For Retinal health, our RPM solutions encompass Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), Diabetic Macular Edema (DME), and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), enabling early detection and intervention in retinal diseases.

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Reimbursement for RPM Services Makes Them More Risk-Free

CPT Code 99453

For initial set-up, monitoring, and educating patients on using the equipment

Average payment – $23
CPT Code 99454

For continued monitoring over 16-day.

Average payment – $69
CPT Code 99457

For management services for an initial 20 minutes

Average payment – $60
CPT Code 99458

For management services for each additional 20 minutes

Average payment – $48
** – Payments vary with subject to specific locations- Please refer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can perform or deliver remote patient monitoring services?

Under Medicare, clinical staff can furnish and manage RPM services under the general supervision of the billing provider. For CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458, the billing provider must be a physician or other qualified healthcare professional (QHCP).

Can remote patient monitoring be billed in conjunction with chronic care management (CCM)?

Yes, a provider can bill both the RPM CPT code 99457 and CCM CPT code 99490. CMS recognizes the analysis involved in furnishing RPM services is complementary to CCM and other care management services. With that said, the time spent by providers in furnishing these services cannot be counted towards the required time for RPM and CCM codes for a single month. In other words, no “double counting.” Billing 99457 and 99490 together requires a provider to deliver at least 40 minutes of services: 20 minutes of RPM, 20 minutes of CCM.

What payers cover remote patient monitoring?

RPM is payable by Medicare, 22 state Medicaid programs (as of April 2020), and an increasing number of private payers. In 2020, the CPT codes for RPM were overhauled, which has spurred a flurry of coverage changes in the private insurance industry.

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