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Profitable monitoring - Earn $122 per patient per month

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) allows healthcare providers and doctors to monitor patients remotely using digital technology. This saves time and resources for both the healthcare providers and the patients.

How RPM Works?

RPM devices like blood pressure monitors, weighing scales, pulse oximeters, and blood glucose monitors can obtain vital information remotely and then automatically be transferred to the healthcare providers and doctors for real-time analysis and monitoring. The data is analyzed by software. In case there is a need a healthcare provider can have a video meeting with the patient for further analysis.

Online Doctor Video Call Health Arc

RPM Benefits to Patients:

  • Quick access to the clinicians
  • Better adherence to the treatment via manual and automatic reminders and questionnaires
  • Improved health outcomes due to patient empowerment.
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction due to improved overall experience of care leading to better health outcomes and quality of life.
  • Reduce stays at the healthcare center and promote independent living.
  • Real-time live remote support

RPM Benefits for Healthcare Professionals:

  • Consistent monitoring of patient health, regardless of patient’s location
  • Receiving timely alerts – Due to anomalies, events or missed measurements
  • Remote monitoring becomes an extension of the practice
  • Increased productivity and revenue. – Attend to more patients with same personnel
  • No information overload – variances set by providers for alerts
  • Review historical patient/practice data for better contracts with payers
  • Reduced costs from re-admissions and reduced hospital stays
  • Negate revenue impact due to Covid-19
  • Special grants are being provided by the government due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the cost is reimbursed when RPM devices are recommended by the doctors. Even otherwise, upfront cost can be recovered within two months.

How does HealthArc differ from others?

  • The app works with an invite-only program that can be offered by a health plan or the healthcare provider to their patients. This way, the healthcare provider can suggest which devices they need to be connected to obtaining vitals. All the recommended devices can transfer data remotely either directly or through the mobile app.
  • Inbuilt settings templates for BP, diabetes, and CHF with provisions to tweak ranges for triggering alerts. HealthArc platform works even without a mobile app for those who are not tech savvy using Cellular / smart devices. For those who needs clarification with care coordinator or physician; they can request for a meeting via audio or video call or can chat at any given time.
  • There is single dashboard for doctors to monitor multiple patients with all their vitals and stats for an easy access response.

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