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Why Choose HealthArc

HealthArc as a company can help many firms to add value, be it large employers with significant medical expenses, payers with footprint to reduce their medical costs, independent and large medical groups to help their existing patients and increase revenue

Tailored RPM solutions


Home-based patient management with cloud-based technology. Flexible & highly personalized options. Least intrusive, as most of the devices are very small and easy to carry.

Mitigated chronic conditions


Manage chronic conditions such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes, spectrum and congestive heart diseases long with the chronic care management by regularly collecting data. Easy to setup devices. You can recover the cost within 2 months.

Improve HEDIS Score


By providing remote monitoring facilities to your members you can increase your HEDIS quality score. This score is considered by prospective members when they are searching for quality insurance plans.

How it Works


Bring down claims costs

By encouraging your members, even chronically ill patients, to monitor their health everyday, you prevent their health problems from escalating and keep them under check.


Proactive Engagement

Engage your members with an easy-to-use toolset that constantly encourages them to take readings/tests and avoid expensive visits to ER and hospitals.


Simplified Tracking

Track the health of thousands of your members through a simple remote tracking system. Obtain vital data remotely and take preventive measures on time.

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HealthArc now integrates with Spirometers as well.

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