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Simplified tracking

Track the health of thousands of your members through a simple remote tracking system. Obtain vital data remotely and take preventive measures on time.

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Proactive engagement

Engage your members with an easy-to-use toolset that constantly encourages them to take readings/tests and avoid expensive visits to ER and hospitals.

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Bring down claims costs

By encouraging your members, even chronically ill patients, to monitor their health every day, you prevent their health problems from escalating and keep them under check. This way you keep your healthy members healthy and stop existing medical conditions from getting worse, significantly bringing down your claims costs in the process.

What is the HealthArc value for Payers?


Tailored RPM solutions

Home-based patient management with cloud-based technology. Flexible and highly personalized options. Least intrusive, as most of the devices are very small and easy to carry.

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Mitigated chronic conditions

Manage chronic conditions such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes, spectrum and congestive heart diseases long with the chronic care management by regularly collecting data. Easy to setup devices. You can recover the cost within 2 months.

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Improved HEDIS scores

By providing remote monitoring facilities to your members you can increase your HEDIS quality score. This score is considered by prospective members when they are searching for quality insurance plans.

What should the Payers know?


RPM is preferred

After the Covid-19 outbreak, both healthy and people with health problems want to avoid going to the hospitals. They are more open to following an RPM routine where they can use devices to maintain their vital health signs.


With and without mobile app

The HealthArc devices can remotely send data either via a mobile app or directly (for those who are not tech savvy). Custom packages can be created for different members for optimal health tracking.


Protect your employees

Your employees don’t need to come in contact with your members physically (and expose themselves to Covid-19 infection) as all the data they need is already there in your server. The data can be used to maintain records, do paperwork and settle claims.

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