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Why Choose HealthArc

Obtaining vital data can keep these illnesses in check and improve the general quality of their lives.

Lower Health Costs


An unhealthy workforce increases your medical and workforce costs. HealthArc monitors vital signs of individual employees so that you can foresee and preplan.

Increased Productivity


Proactive health measures with HealthArc devices allow you to keep your employees in a healthy condition, improving their productivity and efficiency in the process and minimizing absenteeism.

Enhance Retention


With a growing Gen C focus on the quality of life, HealthArc solution enables employers to enhance their wellness initiatives thus increasing overall retention.

Benefits to the Employers


Omni-channel engagement, get ahead of employee health issues

Our platform provides a variety of digital channels to enable sustained and meaningful engagement to ensure proactive understanding of employee health issues and enable interventions.


Data-centric decision support, enable effective coaching

Our data-centric solution uses next-generation AI algorithms to identify employees requiring proactive coaching or intervention. This reduces long term productivity loss and health costs.


Effective augmentation to wellness initiatives and solutions

Our interoperable platform can seamlessly plug and play into any health solution to enable augmentation or extensions to your current wellness initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

HealthArc gives you integrated monitoring. You can make timely interventions. You can maintain employee health scores. You can get custom reports. You can assign meaningful HealthArc devices to your employees according to their health conditions.

After the Covid-19 outbreak, both healthy and people with health problems want to avoid going to the hospitals. They are more open to following an RPM routine where they can use devices to maintain their vital health signs.

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HealthArc now integrates with Spirometers as well.

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