How does our RPM product work for employers?

Large-scale health management

Got a large population of employees? Track the health conditions of thousands of employees. Minimise absenteeism due to health problems. Reduce your medical costs with remote patient monitoring.

Reliable data on employee health

HealthArc gives you valuable insights into employees’ health, regularly, automatically.

Remote monitoring

Obtain vital information about their health condition through HealthArc devices that are connected to your employee’s mobile phone, no matter where they are.

What value does HealthArc deliver to the employers?

Lower health costs

An unhealthy workforce increases your medical and workforce costs. HealthArc monitors vital signs of individual employees so that you can foresee and preplan.

Increased productivity

Proactive health measures with HealthArc devices allow you to keep your employees in a healthy condition, improving their productivity and efficiency in the process and minimizing absenteeism.

Mitigate chronic conditions

Some employees are bound to have chronic problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, and others. Obtaining vital data can keep these illnesses in check and improve the general quality of their lives.

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Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management programs.


    What Payers should know

    • Integrated monitoring

      HealthArc gives you integrated monitoring. You can make timely interventions. You can maintain employee health scores. You can get custom reports. You can assign meaningful HealthArc devices to your employees according to their health conditions.

    • Probable reimbursement

      In the times of Covid-19 various federal governments are providing incentives and reimbursements for distributing RPM devices among chronic patients. You can talk to your corporate physician if such a provision is applicable to your industry. This way, the expense you incur can be reimbursed when making the HealthArc devices available to your employees.

    • Compliance

      All our devices are FDA approved. Major auditing features are integrated within the software for easier patient reporting.

    Have Questions?

    The best way of understanding our HealthArc system is watching a demo. One of our team members can give you a live demo as well as explain all the health and financial benefits. Just fill up the form given below and we will respond promptly.