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HealthArc is an integrated TeleHealth platform for Health Providers, Payers and Employers to support for their Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), and TeleMedicine needs.

Using our HealthArc Platform and FDA approved medical devices (wireless and cellular), in-built video, voice call, and chat capabilities on HIPAA compliant infrastructure; Health Providers can give the much-needed comfort to both patients and clinical staff and also able to improve their revenues.

At HealthArc we are constantly striving to provide the best possible Telehealth and RPM platform to hospitals, health systems, ACOs, independent practices, and payers.

Our medical devices help gather patients’ health data in real time. Aside from providing cutting-edge devices, we also provide a senior and patient friendly mobile application. As well as complemented with an intuitive portal for effective patient population management.

Main features of the HealthArc RPM platform:

  1. High Quality Devices – The HealthArc has supported devices that can work with or without the mobile app. Hence, it is not necessary that the patients must be tech savvy or comfortable with using phones. For smart phones, we have apps both for iOS and Android. All apps communicate through Bluetooth or Cellular based medical devices. They are FDA approved and our portal is built on HIPAA compliant infrastructure.
  2. Detailed Dashboard – The HealthArc RPM solution gives you a dashboard for all your patients, very intuitive, easy to navigate, and do various functions within a single window.
  3. Inbuilt templates: The care plan come with an inbuilt template for hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure (among many more) – these templates are editable as per the patient’s needs.
  4. Monthly reports: PDF reports can be generated every month to summarize all the data recorded, with graphical representation with minimum, maximum, and average values collated. It also gives you a report of alerts, messages, notes generated, along with their category.
  5. Text and video: Patients can have text and video/audio consultations with their doctors from within the mobile app.  We have audio and video capability without mobile app as well.
  6. Inbuilt monitors: Dynamic tracking, calculations, and reporting requirements for RPM and CCM CPT Codes e.g.  99454 and 99457/8 codes.
  7. Reminders: The patients can be reminded to measure their vitals through notifications.
  8. Senior Friendly: Our mobile app is very senior friendly as it is easy to navigate.
  9. Non-compliance alerts: In case patients are not measuring their vitals according to compliance, doctors, and nurses can be immediately notified.
  10. Convenience – Due to greater convenience more patients can join in the program, and generating consistent revenue for hospitals and health practices.
  11. EHR Integration – Our platform can be easily integrated with modern EHR solutions like EPIC, NextGen etc.

In a world that is highly moving towards social distancing and remaining indoors, the HealthArc Platform can play a pivotal role in providing a high quality remote patient monitoring, and improving the quality of life.

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