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HealthArc is an integrated TeleHealth platform for Health Providers, Payers & Employers to support for their clients as per their health needs.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and more....

HealthArc is an integrated TeleHealth platform for Health Providers, Payers and Employers to support for their Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), and TeleMedicine needs.

Using our HealthArc Platform and FDA approved medical devices (wireless and cellular), in-built video, voice call, and chat capabilities on HIPAA compliant infrastructure; Health Providers can give the much-needed comfort to both patients and clinical staff and also able to improve their revenues.

At HealthArc we are constantly striving to provide the best possible Telehealth and RPM platform to hospitals, health systems, ACOs, independent practices, and payers.


  • FDA Approved Devices

  • Detailed Dashboards

  • In-Built Templates

  • Monthly Reports

  • Text & Video

  • In-Built Monitors

  • Custom Reminders

  • Senior Friendly

  • Non-Compliance Alerts

  • Convenience

  • EHR Integration

  • Easy-To-Use Application

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Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management programs.

    We turn the traditional healthcare into fully remote care model...

    Patient App


    Physician Portal

    Blood Pressure Monitor


    Pulse Oximeters



    Weight Scale


    HealthArc devices have Bluetooth & cellular connectivity to securely transmit readings to the cloud and eliminating the technical pitfalls of BLE/hub-based systems. For patients, the result is an experience as simple as using their own BP monitor, scale or glucose monitor, with nothing more required than taking readings daily or more.

    For you, a constant flow of data and no connectivity problems to worry about. Our devices can cover 200+ countries and 500+ carriers for addressing global connectivity

    Devices are made available by HealthArc.

    The most efficient way to earn revenue for your practice

    Up to $2,000,000 annual RPM revenue with 700 patients enrolled.


    One time per patient

    CPT 99453

    RPM setup and patient education


    Annually per patient

    CPT 99454

    RPM devices and services


    Annually per patient

    CPT 99457

    Review, interpretation and basic communication of RPM data insights

    Up to $1,100

    Annually per patient

    CPT 99458

    Each additional 20 minutes of RPM time up to 2x

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