Chronic Care Management (CCM) Companies in 2024

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) refers to the non-face-to-face services offered to Medicare beneficiaries who have two or more chronic diseases. Digital healthcare companies that provide CCM services assist practitioners in documenting and billing in accordance with Medicare requirements for the services they provide to patients.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of top Chronic Care Management companies that can assist healthcare providers in implementing a successful CCM program.

As you might be aware, Medicare’s Chronic Care Management Program reimburses medical practices that treat patients with chronic illnesses for services such as phone calls, coordination with other doctors, and medication monitoring.

Healthcare providers get reimbursed for CCM services using CPT code 99490. Using an easy to integrate CCM software from top chronic care management companies can help clinicians in maintaining patient records and billing 99490 efficiently.

Choosing the right software can be key to running a successful CCM program. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the leading CCM software companies in 2024, based on user interface, innovative features, capabilities, and customer service excellence. These companies also provide care management services

  • HealthArc

HealthArc’s all-in-one Chronic Care Management helps practices connect to their patients, optimize reimbursement and minimize documentation with increased clinical efficiency HealthArc’s HIPAA compliant software ensures you are adhering to the policies and organized for accurate billing.

HealthArc replaces catch-all documents with editable care plan templates featuring checkboxes, allowing practitioners to quickly choose the most relevant goals, barriers (SDOH), symptoms, allergies, medication, preventive care, self management goals for each patient and having a system in place to ensure success of a CCM program. Communicate with patients via audio. Video calls, SMS, make care plans available to the patient 24/7, re-fill prescriptions, review diagnostics and make referrals using HealthArc. Automatic time tracker ensures that time spent on every patient activity/ communication is documented and allocated to the patient.

Practices can access staff productivity, billing reports and various other reports. Finally, HealthArc offers seamless integration with all leading EHRs through HL7 and FHIR capabilities.

  • Signallamp Health

Signallamp is an IT framework that works as an extension with your practice’s existing EHR system. The software assists with the identification of eligible CCM patients and provides educational resources to help them manage their chronic illnesses. A nurse is assigned to your clinic and serves as a bridge between the practice and the patient to ensure that CMS guidelines are followed correctly for reimbursement.

  • ThoroughCare

ThoroughCare offers solutions to help your practice manage CCM patients in-house via an HIPAA-compliant web-based technology platform. This software guides physicians through the process of creating a patient-centered care plan, allowing them to measure time spent with patients, examine patient lab results, and make adjustments to the care plan. In the event of an audit, providers will have access to a detailed time log for each patient. Billing reports can be generated that contain all patients whose monthly claims are submitted.

  • ChronicCareIQ

ChronicCareIQ, is a designated healthcare software developed to manage chronic care patients, integrates with your existing practice software to automate time monitoring for non-face-to-face patient care. A unified dashboard with patient-reported health information and notification alerts enables doctors to more effectively manage patient issues remotely while tracking billable time.

  • CareMerge

CareMerge’s technology interacts with your practice’s existing EHR to improve communication and coordination between doctors and CCM patients. This platform enables providers to craft and manage the Medicare care plan, track time and enhance patient communication. To ensure Medicare compliance, it provides automatic and comprehensive reports outlining the services you offered to patients.

  • Vatica Health

Vatica Health combines technology with 24-hour nursing support to make it easy for patients to access remote care and over the phone consultation from healthcare providers. They also collaborate with providers to create a comprehensive treatment plan for CCM patients, which can be shared with other practitioners involved in the patient’s treatment. Along with generating monthly health reports to clinicians, Vatica Health combines wearable medical devices and health monitors to provide real-time patient monitoring.

  • Caresync

It is a care coordination software that guarantees chronically ill patients have continuous access to clinical care, whether via an online platform or over the phone. Its other significant features include a comprehensive care plan for patients, MACRA quality metrics, physicians reporting, and wearable device integration.

  • Humhealth

Humhealth is a health monitoring company with chronic treatment management software that focuses on providing high-quality treatment to chronic Medicare patients through a patient-centered comprehensive care management plan. Patients can self-assess and track their medical conditions using Humhealth’s software and a questionnaire-based assessment portal is available for clinical professionals to deliver CCM and complex CCM services.

While reviewing the above chronic care management companies, we also focussed on their use cases and patient-provider feedback.

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