HealthArc’s CCM Services

HealthArc's CCM Services

Your guide to HealthArc’s Chronic Care Management

The two popular and in-demand services, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring have begun to play an essential role in the healthcare sector. These services are in more demand from the start of 2020 due to the corona outbreak. However, when it comes to HealthArc’s chronic care management services, we are professional enough and savviest on the market. Chronic pain may include numerous chronic diseases, Healtharc to see the most occurring chronic pains among the elderly.

Precisely, chronic care management software is the smoothest and finest approach to reduce chronic pain. However, it comes with care coordination with a team of expert healthcare experts using chronic care management software and App, focusing on your complex and chronic medical conditions to subsequently achieving the goals.

Are You Eligible for Chronic Care Management Services?

If you think you or someone from your family is in pain for a long time and has one of these medical conditions mentioned below, you are eligible and need chronic care management services:

  • Seizure disorders
  • Mental health disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic pain
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis

You are most welcome at HealthArc if you seek help with your chronic pain or remote patient monitoring services. Furthermore, we recommend our patients consult with their healthcare providers to ensure whether chronic care management services are beneficial for you.

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Your Chronic Care Coordinator Can Help You

Your chronic care coordinator is the one who helps you by having direct contact with you. The patient can easily have discussions with him/her about health conditions and other relevant concerns. Shortly, the coordinator is responsible for the following assistance to the patients:

  • Connecting you to the healthcare professional or primary health consultant.
  • Schedule your appointment with medical experts.
  • Work as a bridge to coordinate with health care facilities and primary healthcare professionals on your behalf.
  • Refer you to pursue food support, transportation, housing, etc.

How Do the Best Chronic Care Management Software and Home Team Work?

Along with remote patient monitoring, the same software facilitates the patients’ chronic care management since our best chronic care management software comes with many features to meet the patients’ needs. Besides, the home team, caregivers at home, may include the following people to serve the patient:

  • The care coordinator
  • Close family members and friends
  • Your healthcare provider
  • Other healthcare providers (medical assistants, physical therapists, etc.)
  • Your community support service providers

Chronic Care Management Services at HealthArc

Chronic care management services help with the care and support against chronic care of people in need of extensive care. For example, in the elderly or people with chronic illness or disabilities. Nursing services come home several times a day or a week if necessary. In this article, you will find information about the tasks of the nursing services and the costs.

What does the nursing service do in chronic care management?

Trained nurses work for outpatient care services; on the other hand, healthcare expert provides chronic management care. However, nursing facilities offer various services. Here are some of those:

  • Basic care: body care, washing, showering, help with dressing and undressing, help with eating
  • Treatment care: giving medication, changing bandages, injecting injections, treating wounds, measuring blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Help in the household: cleaning the apartment, shopping, accompanying the doctor and authorities, gardening
  • Advice for people in need of care and their relatives: filing an application for care allowance and benefits in kind, help with financing, procurement of aids, information on preventive care and short-term care
  • Preventive care: when a relative who normally takes care of the care is on vacation or sick

Day and night care who pays for the nursing service?

Long-term care insurance pays for the services of the chronic care management service. However, you should consult with your insurance company before you rely on them. It is also possible that the health insurance company or the social welfare agency pays the costs. Some people in need of care pay for the care service themselves.

Where can I get information about nearby Chronic Care Management Services?

The charities, for example, the American Red Cross, offer outpatient chronic support and care. There are also many private nursing services, such as HealthArc. You can find out more about care services in the vicinity of your home:

  • Health and nursing care funds
  • Town halls and district offices, for example, the department for senior citizens.
  • Health authorities
  • Senior center
  • Associations of voluntary welfare
  • National associations of private outpatient care services
  • Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services

Telephone advice on the nursing and chronic care management services is available 24/7 at +1-201-992-5561

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