Remote Patient Monitoring for Diabetes Management

Remote Patient Monitoring for Diabetes Management

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is increasingly becoming a necessity that allows healthcare practitioners in keeping a close eye on their chronically-ill patients via a remote patient monitoring platform bridging the patient-provider communication gap and ensuring continuous care, outside of the scheduled in-person visits.

Patient physiologic data, such as vital signs, medical history, and other health related information is transmitted to healthcare practitioners in real-time via a fully integrated remote healthcare system that combines cellular RPM devices and remote monitoring technology to deliver better outcomes.

Role Of RPM In Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a common chronic condition that can be tracked with RPM software, via glucometers or continuous glucose monitoring (CGMs) devices. This continuous tracking and monitoring by healthcare professionals allow making timely interventions and help lower the chances of high risk health conditions, like hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Remote patient monitoring for diabetes management provides insights to clinicians about a patient’s daily glucose levels in real-time, using remote glucometers. In this blog, we’ll provide tips to implement a successful RPM program for diabetes management:

RPM Reduces Costs In Diabetes Management

  • Fewer Hospitalizations: RPM lessens the need for hospitalization by enabling healthcare providers to manage diabetes more effectively.
  • Decreased Emergency Room Visits: RPM enables medical professionals to identify and treat any complications early, thereby reducing the emergency room visits.
  • Better Care Coordination: RPM enhances patient-provider communication, resulting in quick interventions and more effective treatment.
  • Enhanced Patient Involvement: RPM gives patients the opportunity to participate more actively in their care and treatment process.

Healthcare Providers’ Role in Diabetes Management

Establishing and running an RPM program for diabetes management requires the involvement of healthcare providers in real-time via an integrated remote care platform.

After assessing the patient’s current health status and future goals, healthcare providers choose the right glucose monitoring equipment; identify the patients who would benefit from the program, and provide them remote patient monitoring devices for higher patient engagement and health outcomes.

Healthcare providers must also keep a close eye on their patients’ progress and modify their treatment plans as needed.

Implementing An RPM Program For Diabetes Management

There are various steps involved in implementing an RPM program for diabetes management, including:

  • Assessing the individuals with poorly managed diabetes or those who reside in rural or underdeveloped areas and can benefit the most from remote diabetes management.
  • Determining the patient’s needs and choosing the right remote monitoring devices, including glucose meters or CGMs.
  • Educating patients on the steps to record health data in real-time and ways to use the glucose monitoring devices.
  • Establishing a digital health platform and a clinical workflow that allows clinicians to view, evaluate, and modify patient care.
  • Considering regular follow-ups with patients to track their progress and provide any necessary assistance and care education.
  • Assessing the patient’s glucose levels, HbA1c, and other relevant metrics to evaluate the program efficiency and the health outcomes.


Diabetes is a serious chronic condition that can cause different problems, some of which are potentially fatal. Providers can assist their patients with improving blood sugar control and lowering their risk of acquiring complications from diabetes by implementing an RPM for diabetes management.

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